A weekend in Tirol, Chapter 2
Haiming, 27 September 2009

The bus was winding down its way through the valley and the villages to Ötztal Bahnhof. Just a couple of minutes on the platform before the train towards Innsbruck arrived. Just one stop and I was in Haiming, a Tyrolian village totally unspoiled by tourism, if you didn't count the tour operators for outdoor trips that had their quarters here. The streets were empty apart from a single person here and there heading for a house in the road. Sunday morning stillness was lying in the air.  ...Till I reached the premises of Faszinatour. A bunch of people were already preparing the rafts for transport. They pointed out another building a few steps further down the road, where the participants were slowly collecting. One or the other with a plastic cup of coffee in his hand to wake up. This wasn't true for one of the guides, who seemed to be the early-morning-jolly-nature himself. With a big smile on his face he directed us to the boxes and shelves to collect helmet, neoprene shoes and wetsuit, still wet and cold from the day before.

Ush, it took a bit of everybody some effort to get into this stuff and a lot of cynic comments were made, when fighting with the cross-grained outfit. We made it anyway and when everybody was clothed the busdoors opened to take us to the start point near Imst. Glasses were collected from those who had forgotten to take them off, and off went.

As it was late September it was quite fresh in the morning but warming up as the day progressed. The river Inn however was cold and we weren't really keen on hopping in to adjust ourselves to the water temperature. So we quickly launched the rafts and went on the enjoyable trip over grade 2 and 3 rapids through the Imst Canyon past the river Ötztaler Ache all the way down to Haiming. The boat trip lasted about 2 hours and as the return train was not due before an hour I took walk through Haiming's sunny roads. Here are some impressions of the little village.
The butcher
Apple orchard
Church of the holy Jacob built in 1384 - Kirche des heiligen Jakobs / Pfarrkirche erbaut 1384
The view from the station platform offered some stunning perspectives:
GaulesesLatinos said at 1:42 nachm. on Jan 31, 2010:
Moabjeeper said at 1:54 nachm. on Jan 31, 2010:
  Beautiful interior shots.
Neusinha.Gedoz said at 2:21 nachm. on Jan 31, 2010:
  Fantastic catch ... conseguiste beautiful images of the small village. It was worth all the trouble ... Congratulations, Anke. One of my favorites.
Moorlerche said at 2:35 nachm. on Jan 31, 2010:
  Thanks everybody and Neusinha, you are absolutely right. I had never expected this trip be so breathtaking. The best is still waiting to be finished.
OscarDaniel said at 7:28 nachm. on Jan 31, 2010:
  Great Photography! good place!
ConnieL said at 8:36 nachm. on Jan 31, 2010:
  Beautiful! Would love to see that small village.
Painterlaura said at 11:21 nachm. on Jan 31, 2010:
  Another great tabloo - I would be interested in knowing what camera you are using?
Lageho said at 1:14 vorm. on Feb 1, 2010:
Chilla said at 2:36 vorm. on Feb 1, 2010:
  I love the pictures of the pictureque Tyrolean houses!
Merja-zerga said at 8:29 vorm. on Feb 1, 2010:
  Un ravissant petit village pittoresque, de très belles images!
Merci Anke.
FoguinhoFoto said at 10:11 vorm. on Feb 1, 2010:
Waltinho_2011 said at 10:20 vorm. on Feb 1, 2010:
  Fascinante !!!
Charlespop said at 10:40 vorm. on Feb 1, 2010:
  Way cool.......thanks for the tour !
Chaitiamma said at 11:44 vorm. on Feb 1, 2010:
  Excellent photography !!!
Moorlerche said at 5:14 nachm. on Feb 1, 2010:
  Dear all! You are such great travel companion. Never tired, never asking "Is it still far?", never complaining about the steepness of the path. I truly enjoy to take you with me :-)
RosaneMar said at 5:48 nachm. on Feb 1, 2010:
  Fabulous, Anke!!!
Tanglewire said at 6:13 nachm. on Feb 27, 2010:
  Beautiful shots
HtD said at 9:25 vorm. on Apr 24, 2010:
  Dass Intereur der Kirche gefalt mir besonders Anke.

Aber auch die Blute in der Garten ist wunderschön.
Mirella said at 10:37 vorm. on Apr 24, 2010:
  I missed your last tiroler step. This is an astonishing country, for its nature and for how people care about houses and fields; I like very much the typical frescoes in and out the Kirches. Ciao
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